About Prestige Motor Imports

Welcome to Prestige Motor Imports located at 1211 W Emperial Hwy. in Brea, CA. We work by APPOINTMENT ONLY Please call us at (714) 441-1166 to arrange a test drive or visit our website www.prestigemotorimports.com to view our complete inventory.


Why We Are Different:

There are a number of reasons that distinguishes us from the rest. They are:
NO SALESMAN. It simply means no high pressure sale. You are the salesman yourself. You know what you need better than anyone else. However, we’re here if you want to take advantage of our experience.

NOT A CAR LOT. All of our cars are parked inside. You may just pass us by and not realize that we are a car company.

BY APPOINTMENT. In this day and age, everyone’s time is valuable. We don’t want to waste your time by having you come to our place and realize that the car you are interested in has already been sold.

LARGE INVENTORY. We are basically a wholesaler. We carry and turn over a large
number of imported and domestic cars, trucks, vans, & SUV’s.

WHOLESALE PRICES. As a wholesaler, we can offer the public the same price that we offer to other dealers.

MECHANICAL INSPECTION. We would inform you about the total condition of the car, but if you decide to have the car checked out by a mechanic of your choice, we would have absolutely NO PROBLEM with that.